• Thailand Steinway Youth Piano Competition is only opened to all Thai Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 17 and below.

• Grand Prize Winners from past Steinway Youth Piano Competitions are not eligible to participate. However, past contestants and finalists are eligible to participate.

• Participants are only allowed to register in one category, either Professional or Amateur Division.

• The Competition Organizing Committee reserves the right to record or video the performance of contestants and winners and to organize all performances related to the competition. No performance fees or royalties will be paid to the contestants.

• The non-refundable fee will have to be paid upon application prior to the deadline.

• Qualifying competitors must perform live in order to participate in the competition.

• Applicants are asked to adhere strictly to the time limits. To ensure fairness and impartially, an official audition committee member will serve as a “timer” and will stop a participant should he/she exceeds the time limits, any performance beyond the time limit will not be taken into consideration for scoring.

• Performers must perform in appropriate performing attire.

• Contestants must perform from memory.

• The winner must be able to travel to Regional Finals in Shanghai Steinway Asia Pacific in July 2022 and potentially to Hamburg in September 2022, or any location as required by Steinway & Sons for activities related to Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2022.

• The winner who will represent Thailand at the Regional Finals, will be selected from Professional Division 1, 2 or 3 ONLY.

• There will be no joint winners and only one winner will be selected to take part in the regional final round.

• Steinway & Sons reserves the right to amend and determine the Terms and Conditions of this regulations.

• The organizer reserves all rights to change any rules & regulations without prior notice.

• For online audition, applicants must send an electronic copy of the music score with applicant’s name and category and send to cattleya@steinwaythailand.com

• All application forms can be downloaded from our website at www.thailand-steinwaycompetition.com


• Applicants must submit a video of their performance to cattleya@steinwaythailand.com within 20 days (from Friday 1st - Wednesday 20th April 2022). Any video that submits after Wednesday 20th April will be unaccepted and non-refundable.

• The audition video can be recorded on either a Grand piano or an Upright piano, any brand.

• Audition video should capture the performer’s hands, face and upper body, voice clip is not permitted.

• The audition video should be a one take, unedited video.

• The audition video should be recorded with a good sound quality.

• Upload the audition video on YouTube and please send the link to cattleya@steinwaythailand.com

• Video name for submission should always be named as follow: SYPCTH22-Name-Surname, Category-Division

- For example, for Professional: SYPCTH22 Name Surname, Professional Division (1, 2, or 3)
- For example, for Amateur: SYPCTH22 Name Surname, Amateur Division (a, b, or c)


Professional Divisions

Division 1: age 11 & below

Division 2: age 12 to 14

Division 3: age 15 to 17

Early Bird

3,900 Baht

3,900 Baht

3,900 Baht

Full Price

4,500 Baht

4,500 Baht

4,500 Baht

Amateur Divisions

Division A: age 11 & below

Division B: age 12 to 14

Division C: age 15 to 17

Early Bird

2,000 Baht

2,500 Baht

3,000 Baht

Full Price

2,500 Baht

3,000 Baht

3,500 Baht

• Online application at Thailand Steinway Competition website - www.thailand-steinwaycompetition.com under ‘apply’ tab
• Complete application form with accurate and complete details.
• Upload photo to the application form
• Create a copy of your passport or birth certificate and send to cattleya@steinwaythailand.com
• Attain a letter of recommendation from your current or most recent piano teacher
• Application Fee is payable upon application and is non-refundable.